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The Ships Graveyard at Purton, Gloucestershire

I have this incredible attachment to place; but what is place attachment, and what is this to do with history? How do we relate to it, interact with it, experience it, understand place? How (if at all) is the relationship … Continue reading

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Time – A new look at an age old past

“Somehow I had to send myself back in time, to open out the memories and see what they had to offer” Time is a complex concept, which is most rigorously analysed by philosophers, physicists and astronomers. History is the systematic … Continue reading

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Lilly’s Story – Objects and Collections – Public History

Why should Lilly’s story be of interest to historians, and why is this public History? Public history is perhaps one of the fastest growing sub fields within the historical profession, as it allows the use of the traditional historical skills … Continue reading

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