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Then you have come to the right place. David Moore is an excellent guest speaker who can visit you and deliver a range of talks that are both interesting, stimulating and engaging

General subject matter talks: (suitable for any audience – male or female)

(Talks are generally one hour duration, though technical talks can be 1½+ hour duration. I will be happy to discuss your requirements )

David Moore MA – Founder and Former Chairman of the Lichfield Waterworks Trust

Dave Moore’s association with history began inauspiciously. He was thrown off the History CSE course at secondary school for failing to show an interest and failing to hand in any course work.

His working career started with an apprenticeship in the construction industry with an upward path leading to management in the private sector.

Despite his worst efforts at school, Dave has always maintained his interest in history. He travels Britain widely in pursuit of his passion for industrial heritage and social history.

Early retirement allowed Dave to deepen his interests by studying public history at Ruskin college, Oxford, for which he was awarded an MA.

Dave’s other skills of photography, filmmaking and information technology support his work in the public history arena.


David is able to offer talks on the following subjects:

The Story of Clean Water in the Black Country

Clean water and effective sanitation now form part of the fabric of modern day life in Britain. But this has not always been the case. In the mid nineteenth century, a new and deadly disease arrived in Britain, there was no known cause and no known cure. 

In the Black Country, within the space of six week over two and a half thousand people were dead….


…. this is the story of how John Snow proved the link between cholera and contaminated water. It established the need for an organised water supply and tells how the problem was overcome in the Black Country


“I wanted to thank you so much for a fabulous talk last week! It was great to have such a good turnout, and to receive such nice feedback from the attendees about how much they had enjoyed the talk. I am delighted that the Friends event seems to have led to interest from other groups – who will hopefully book you in to spread the word too!”

Weeping Angels – interpreting the symbolism of the Victorian cemetery

Symbols are a language that can help us understand our past. As the saying goes, “a picture paints a thousand words”: but which words? Understanding our past determines actively, our ability to understand the present. Tonight, we take a journey back in time to look at the symbolism found in Victorina cemetery’s and try to understand what messages the living left, to tell the story of their dead loved ones.



“Dear David

I wanted to thank you very much for coming to speak to us last Tuesday evening. It was a very interesting, visually stimulating and engaging talk and everyone thoroughly enjoyed themselves. We are very grateful for your time and effort – and that we were able to offer you such a large, enthusiastic and interested audience, as demonstrated by the questions which followed your lecture! From my perspective, as well as being absolutely delighted to have so many attendees, it was also rewarding to see a slightly more diverse audience.”

“Dear David

I am absolutely delighted to let you know that your ‘Weeping Angels’ talk had sold out… and so we have decided – if its ok by you – to move it to the Birmingham and Midland Institute.”

John Snow and the Fight Against Cholera

By the summer of 1831 cholera had become firmly established in the environment of the UK. The effects of this disease was devastating, people were dying in their thousands, there was no known cause and no known cure.

Current medical knowledge thought that illness and disease was spread by bad air or miasma. A young apprentice doctor who treated cholera victims did not believed it was caused though bad air, but proving his theory became a challenge to the established medical and scientific beliefs of the time.

This is the story of how John Snow changes out understanding of how diseases were spread, and how we could control it.


As David Moore began, and gave a very professional overview of what he was going to cover, as a lecturer myself I was impressed. He then moved on to describing a situation which, in this pandemic, we can relate to, how the people of the time just didn’t know how it was transmitted, the conspiracy ideas, mistrust of the government, and the deaths of those who could have been our greate,great,great grandparents. David presented John Snow’s meticulous scientific mind and the battle he has with convincing the authorities to remove the pump handle in what was the tastiest water in the area of London (people had bottles brought back of it)

A Story of the Severn Vale and The Purton Hulks

The sunken ships hidden within the riverbank at Purton is the UK’s largest ship graveyard. It is a unique place to get up close to ships over 100 years old. The boats were first sunk on the banks in 1909, in order to prevent erosion of the banks and protect the Sharpness Canal, and by doing so, created an accidental museum of our maritime past.

The talk gives the audience an overview of the Severn Vale, talks about the Severn Bore and explores how the Purton Hulks site came to be. The talk is richly instructed with film, photography and time lapse sequences.

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