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A Veil

Originally posted on DewsburyVictorianFamilies:
I’m fascinated with the idea of objects as a gateway to the past. The recipe book itself, of course is the original object linking me to Minnie, but I still keep my eye on eBay and…

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Making time for recycling

Some people think that recycling is a new idea, but in fact it has been around for years. Before the days of cheap mass produced products, things were made by the hand of the skilled craftsperson. Items were crafted with care, … Continue reading

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A Dress

Originally posted on DewsburyVictorianFamilies:
I found this dress in an antique shop in Leominster:       I noticed it, went away and had a cup of coffee, then went back and bought it. I’d been thinking about Minnie and Dewsbury of…

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Pens, paper, scissors… It’s so easy to take these everyday objects for granted

This has to be one of the best short films I have seen for sometime now. It captures something very special, and something that not everyone can see, tacit knowledge. Just watch Cliff’s hands, and how he handles the scissors; … Continue reading

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Raspberry Sandwich

Originally posted on DewsburyVictorianFamilies:
So, Eleanor sent George Finney a raspberry sandwich from Dewsbury to the trenches in France. What constituted a raspberry sandwich for the Kirk girls? I had a look in Minnie’s books to find out and discovered…

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History is not an Island, it is a Bridge to the Past

The attraction for ‘how things were’ is determined by a sense of wistfulness, and is driven by distant memories, stories and anecdotes told by parents, grandparents and other family members. This and other memories, images and feeling are created and … Continue reading

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History is a mosaic

BrownhillsBob's Brownhills Blog As readers will no doubt be aware, I’m really, really fond of local history and the way it’s evolving online. Although I’ve noted concerns and issues, on the whole, the internet and cooperation it enables is making … Continue reading

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