Got that Friday feeling?

Leawood Pump house is open on Satuday and Sunday 1 and 2 October, so what could be better than to get yourself down to the Cromford Canal and the High Peak Junction.

Take a train ride from Whasandwell to Cromford and take yourself back in time by exploring some of our finest industrial heritage. Walk back along the Cromford canal to experience some of the most beautiful aspects of our industrial past.

A postcard from the past – Leawood Pump House from David Moore on Vimeo.

Leawood Pump House and High Peak Junction is must see place. Nestled down in the Derwent Valley, the railway junction with the canal is one of the country’s earliest railways and was a hub of transport activity.

Visiting the Derwent Valley is like standing in the historical house. Each room has a theme. Each theme has a feeling and each feeling engages your mind with the past. You can set yourself free and move from room to room, experiencing a different time and place as you explore the historic house.

Leawood Pump House was built in 1849 to pump water from the River Derwent to top up the Cromford Canal.

The pump house is now well over 150 years old but remains in pristine working condition thanks to the sterling work of the Middleton Top and Leawood Pump Volunteer Group. Leawood Pump House is open and operated on steam regally throughout the year.

Spending a few moments just watching the beam engine working, quietly, the gentle hiss of steam, the clicks and clunks of the valve gear. You can step back in time and immerse yourself in nostalgia, and somehow feel differently about history.

#fridayfeeling get yourself down to the Cromford canal and enjoy some industrial heritage #sandfields #AIAadvocacy

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