A Veil

Memories, love, nostalgia, connections and anchors to the past are some of the things that Linda discusses in this month’s post. Click thought to read how we make connection to the past though an object that has changed its value as it has transcended time….


I’m fascinated with the idea of objects as a gateway to the past. The recipe book itself, of course is the original object linking me to Minnie, but I still keep my eye on eBay and have a motley collection by now of items which relate to Victorian Dewsbury. Although these may not have a direct connection with Minnie, they constitute a part of her world and enable me to feel closer to her.

I’ve already written about the photograph of Minnie’s sister, about the coins in circulation in the time of Minnie, about a pocket watch made by a jeweller local to Minnie and about a dress similar to ones she may have worn. All these give me a sense of connection to Minnie’s Dewsbury.

Margot Chadwick and I discussed the value of objects when we last met in Dewsbury. We were at the home of the owner of…

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